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Glaze 2 Amaze - Paint Your Own Pottery is a service of Kevin Matthews Pottery  and shares the same location in NE Brainerd.

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The creative writing burst I had a couple months ago hasn't come back, I am currentely in a visual creative season and it's been a lot of fun exploring and testing in between my commitments and aches and pains. Talk about pain, my fingers took a beating making ornaments this season and my nerves were on the end of my finger tips which wouldn't be so bad if you didn't need your fingers.
Today I am working on heart bowls for a Girl Scouts troop that is going to make them for a badge. I figured the heart bowl tied in nice with the February holiday and my birthday month.
HUGE announcement coming in the next couple days for a near future event!!! I am in research and development as we speak!!!

Community Art and Events

Art reaction piece I created and installed of Hurricane Katrina displays tiles from several artists.

To read these in chronology go to, "Create the Memories that Last" on the Home tab. November 24th (Small business Saturday), 2018, represented the first day of our tenth year as a business in Brainerd and the start of another rebrand, new services and classes, a new website and another URL and adding three new goals: an upgrade in our POS system, an investor or partner and expand with another medium. Currently, Kevin Matthews Pottery and Glaze 2 Amaze offer, my studio services to your event, party and business location, mobile services such as pottery wheel and paint your own pottery activities, wholesale and  retail services, installation and exhibit displays.

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Kevin Matthews Pottery, established November 2009, had several requests for work, social, scouts, family and birthday parties. Our goal, was and still is, to provide diverse economic activities in the Brainerd Lakes Area. in 2010 KMPottery decided to implement and test a small sampling of Paint Your Own Pottery pieces using glaze as the medium for decoration (Initially we had around 15 pieces to paint, today we have hundreds of pieces for all ages to choose from), in May of 2010 this process created the service of Glazed and Amazed - Paint Your Own Pottery which  got rebranded in January of 2012 to Glaze 2 Amaze which introduced our Gnome identifiers on May 1st, 2012.


Horse hair pottery platter I just completed recently, I really like how the color turned out.


​​In my work, I personally attend to each step of the creative process I use 5 glazing techniques and firing processes to create functional and decorative pottery. This awareness to attention includes throwing, glazing, and firing each piece of my artwork. Today, I am currently exploring traditional Indian Horse Hair Pottery. These pieces offer the user a choice to display the piece as art, or to use it for its functionality with dry arrangements. I like to work in both the abstract and the representational. 



Various Native American tribes, in addition to the Navajo, make distinctively fascinating pottery known as horsehair pottery.  Horsehair pottery is actually an ancient process, and results in beautiful as well as cherished items of art.  It’s said that horsehair pottery was initially stumbled on by a pueblo artisan whose lengthy tresses blew up against new pottery she was extracting of a very hot kiln.  The hair stuck and quickly carbonized.  The outcome was so fascinating that she copied it using hairs from a horse’s tail. Experience horse hair pottery at our arts and crafts store located in the Brainerd Lakes Area near several of the areas top resorts.



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